Sunday, 23 June 2013

Spring Favourites 2013

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01. Moroccan Oil 100ml     02.Tangle Teezer     03. Bioderma Crealine H20 500ml      04. MAC 'Woodwinked' eyeshadow      05. Marc Jacobs 'Dot'      06. Yankee Candle in 'Fluffy Towels'      07. Essie polishes in 'Peach Daiquiri', 'Mint Candy Apple' & 'Sand Tropez'        08. Avon Super Shock gel liner in 'Blackberry'
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Summer is officially here and I'm sat typing this in a hoodie and fluffy socks, typical. Despite the miserable weather, I've been really into the standard spring trends over the past few months, light floral scents & lighter and brighter colours! Here are some of my go-to items and products this Spring...

01. Moroccan Oil is an absolute essential for me, I literally don't know what I'd do without it. As a ex-bleachaholic my hair has sustained some serious damage over the years. I've stopped dying my hair now but I'm still living with the consequences - really, REALLY dry and damaged split ends. Moroccan Oil actually makes it possible for me the brush my hair without crying.

02. Along with help from Moroccan Oil, my Tangle Teezer, somehow, manages to easily glide through and untangle my matted & dry hair - amazing. I have 3 in total, it's safe to say that I am obsessed!

03. This is a blogger favourite but to be honest Bioderma really does deserve the hype. I have really sensitive eyes, especially around this time of year (hay fever, ergh!) and Bioderma makes removing my makeup a dream. No stinging, bloodshot eyes... Yes!

04. I love Woodwinked, it's such a beautiful warm, antiqued gold colour when packed on but if you blend it, it transforms into a slightly-less-shimmery-orangey-brown shade! Two eyeshadows in one really, I have a feeling this will be a Summer staple too - It looks divine with a pop of blue eyeliner!

05. This scent is so fresh and floral, with notes of different flowers, fruits and vanilla. It's still quite a sweet fragrance, which I really look for when perfume shopping. A spritz or two of this would be lovely for during the day or a night out as well.

06. I don't really associate candles with Spring/Summer but as the weather is so terrible at the moment, I have wanted to just snuggle up with a good read and a candle flickering in the background. I tried to stay with fresh scents to stay in a Summery mood and Fluffy Towels is just perfect - it's a lovely bath time candle.

07. There's not very much to say about these except 'how gorgeous are these colours?!' The formula is lovely, not streaky or sheer. The only issue I have with them is that I find they chip fairly easily but then again, my nails aren't in the best condition...

08. I purchased this quite recently but I think I'm in love. I've had the Super Shock liner in black before and really loved that too. The gel consistency makes then so soft and the pigmentation is truly incredible, even in the waterline!

What have been your favourite products this Spring?


  1. all those polishes are gorgeous! i love my tangle teezer to x

    1. I know right! :) Thank you for commenting xx

  2. Great post! The Essie polishes are lovely :) ♥


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