Sunday, 8 September 2013

It's a Sunday #07

A quick run down on my go-to makeup for a night out!
I really love Sundays, It's not often that I have to work on Sundays so I usually make the most of them and just completely chill out. The Food Network channel has had a 'Christmas in September' weekend so that was my day pretty much sorted! Last night I went out on the town with a big group of my closest chums to celebrate one of my friends birthdays and to say farewell to those heading off to university. I love going out purely for the getting ready process, I love donning the false eyelashes and heels! I realised yesterday that I have a certain look which I always seem to gravitate towards, smoky purple jewel toned eyes with a nudey pink lip. It's for this reason that I'm setting myself a new challenge - I need to get out of my makeup rut and dig out some of the things I don't use so often!
Do you have a set look you just seem to end up wearing all the time?

PS- Really annoyed with myself that I've failed at the whole blogging every day in September thing already. It's been a super busy week and it looks like my hectic lifestyle is set to continue for the rest of September so from now on, I aim to pop a post up whenever I have some spare time.

Friday, 6 September 2013

The Wish List #02

Charlotte Tilbury The Vintage Vamp palette     |     Anya Hindmarch Studded Joss Wallet in medium grey      |     Emma Bridgewater Pink Hearts 1/2 pint mug    |     Ghost Sweetheart EDT      |     Joules Navy Floral iPhone 4S Case     |     MAC Rebel lipstick
Okay, It's official. I'm now in Autumn mode. As soon as there is even a trace of winter chill in the air, my tastes all change - clothes, makeup, scents, food.. everything. I suddenly switch from bright and summery colours to warm, rich tones and fluffy slippers. This really cute Emma Bridgewater mug, for instance, makes me want to snuggle up with a hot chocolate. I'm also super excited about Charlotte Tilbury's new makeup collection; her The Vintage Vamp palette is absolutely gorgeous, filled with plum hues and a beautiful gold shade!

Who else is in Autumn mode, if so, what do you look forward to most?

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Food diary #01.

There is no other way to start this blog post without stating the obvious - I love food. Or more specifically, to cook food. I just love to plan meals, do the shopping and make food for my family. Some people see it as a chore but I really enjoy just taking time to pick out interesting and nutritious food. My Mum owns her own business and before that, she was often too tired when she got back from work to cook, so I just tried to help out where I could and now I just cook everyday without even thinking about it (my Dad shouldn't be allowed near the kitchen!)... I guess it's kind of odd for an 18 year old to do majority of the family cooking haha.

It can be tricky cooking for everyone; in my family, there are three gluten intolerant people (myself being one of them) so all of our meals need to be free from gluten and they also need to be healthy. As well as being gluten intolerant, I also suffer from an illness called M.E and a couple of years ago, after taking some steroid based tablets to help manage my symptoms, I gained a whopping 3-4st in a couple of months. So after writing my 19 Things Before I'm 19 post, I took it upon myself to refine my eating and try to improve my health. 

Phew, that was a lot of info - now for today's food diary!

I hate faffing around with complicated breakfasts so I usually keep it simple, for today I just had a couple of poached eggs on some brown Genius bread. After I make breakfast I usually prepare some fruit or crudites to nibble on throughout the day. For lunch I just reheated some homemade spicy butternut squash soup and then fancied some bacon (tut tut, Jess!) so I added one rasher. By dinnertime I was shattered from work so needed something quick - I chucked some turkey, more bacon (ha) and mixed peppers into a pan and cooked them with some Nando's BBQ Peri-Peri seasoning. I prepared more veg and some oven chips (a bit naughty but I really couldn't be bothered to make anything else) - hey presto, a slightly mismatched dinner haha!

I hope you guys liked this post, it's slightly different from the usual beauty/makeup related stuff so I wasn't sure whether to put it up or not :)!

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

MAC Creme Cup

In my opinion there are only 5 lipstick shades a woman will ever really need, a true red, a coral, a bright pink, a berry shade and the perfect nudey pink colour. For me, there is no better nude (that I have found so far anyway) than MAC's Creme Cup. It's a light, blue-toned pink - a real 'your lips but better' kind of colour! It is super versatile too and just looks beautiful with so many different types of makeup, from a sultry smoky eye to a minimal flick of eyeliner. 
It applies so easily and, thanks to the Cremesheen formula it is really creamy and comfortable to wear! It doesn't dry out my lips at all either, which is one of the biggest plus points for me as I suffer with seriously dry lips (damn my weird M.E. symptoms!). The colour is well pigmented and has a slight gloss to it which is really nice as I'm not a huge lip gloss fan as they're usually so sticky - this lipstick is the perfect happy medium. In regards to staying power, lets just say it ticks the box for me - the photo above shows me 2 hours after I first applied it, and it's still looking fresh and even (please note, I did use lip liner all over my lips as a base)!

I'm now on the hunt to find the perfect berry toned lipstick in time for Autumn/Winter, any recommendations?

Monday, 2 September 2013

It's ladies night.

What better way to spend your Friday night than having a good chinwag with some of your girly chums? Now that A Levels have been and gone (for everyone else anyway) some of our little group are heading off to Uni all over the UK so it was only fitting that we have a girls night in to make our last moments count.. ( so dramatic haha). We ended up snapping some rather embarrassing and slightly tipsy photos - these were the best of the bunch!
It was such a typical girls night in, we had wine, ate chocolate and I got to work 
giving Kirsty and Alice makeovers. Muhahaha. They did get their own back however when they had a good root through my makeup collection, guessing at which product did what. Then it was my turn for the makeover. I am known among my friends for being really finicky with my makeup and to be honest, they did a really good job although I did look a bit sun burnt thanks to a liberal application of Illamasqua's Panic blush... The picture really doesn't do it justice haha!
I can't believe we're in September already, it's a new academic year for many of my friends and not much has changed for them. Since last year, loads of things have changed in my life... I've had a slight relapse with my M.E and I've got a new job which is keeping me super busy! I have so much planned between now and the beginning of January, I'm feeling so positive about the next few months and I'm so excited for Autumn to start kicking in and the leaves to start falling.

PS- Check out my cute little door stop from Primark, I'm such a sucker for anything tweed-like at the moment. 

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Life Lately

Life lately has been a tad busy. I've been on two holidays (lucky me!), had lots of new and exciting opportunities at work and I've also got some theatrical makeup jobs lined up. All of this meant that my poor blog got a bit neglected but to make it feel all happy and loved again, I have a bit of an ambitious project - I'm going to blog everyday in September... At least that's the plan! I'd love some suggestions of posts you'd like to see so please leave any requests!

Hope you're all having a good summer! 

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