Sunday, 8 September 2013

It's a Sunday #07

A quick run down on my go-to makeup for a night out!
I really love Sundays, It's not often that I have to work on Sundays so I usually make the most of them and just completely chill out. The Food Network channel has had a 'Christmas in September' weekend so that was my day pretty much sorted! Last night I went out on the town with a big group of my closest chums to celebrate one of my friends birthdays and to say farewell to those heading off to university. I love going out purely for the getting ready process, I love donning the false eyelashes and heels! I realised yesterday that I have a certain look which I always seem to gravitate towards, smoky purple jewel toned eyes with a nudey pink lip. It's for this reason that I'm setting myself a new challenge - I need to get out of my makeup rut and dig out some of the things I don't use so often!
Do you have a set look you just seem to end up wearing all the time?

PS- Really annoyed with myself that I've failed at the whole blogging every day in September thing already. It's been a super busy week and it looks like my hectic lifestyle is set to continue for the rest of September so from now on, I aim to pop a post up whenever I have some spare time.


  1. You are so stunning!!!
    You look like Adele here, so perfect!!
    Please check out my blog :)

    Sarah x

  2. Really like the way that you have laid out this blog post! The make-up looks fab xx


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