Thursday, 28 November 2013


Last Friday I flew back into London from an amazing surprise trip to Lapland courtesy of James's lovely parents (what an awesome birthday present eh!). It was such an unforgettable experience, we got to mush with our own husky dog team, I got a kiss from a super cute husky called Bruno, we rode in a reindeer sleigh, went for late night treks into the arctic wilderness, searched for the elusive Aurora Borealis and I even got to drive a snowmobile (which I promptly crashed into two trees. Well done, Jess)! My favourite bit by far was playing with the husky dogs, the day we visited them was actually my birthday and it was just so magical. I got really homesick though after all the fluffy cuddles and missed my own dogs, I am so soppy when it comes to our furry best friends haha! Where we stayed was 250km into the arctic circle and was literally in the middle of nowhere, it was a 2.5 hour drive to the nearest hospital let alone any restaurants or shops. It was really nice being so secluded although it did feel a tad ominous at times, like a empty frozen landscape! One thing which surprised me was how much I liked the cold, it ranged from a mild(ish) -7C to a rather chilly (BLOODY FREEZING) -25C. Once you get used to constantly being icy, it's not so bad at all. Saying that, the locals said that in the depths of arctic winter, they regularly hit -45C... WOW, I can't even imagine how they cope with that. A particularly strange thing that I couldn't get my head around was the lack of daylight, the sun rose at 10:30am then set again at around 2:30am while we were there, it was so easy to lose track of the time and think that it was bedtime at 4 o'clock in the afternoon!
 photo IMG_3970_zps7defc31d.jpg  photo IMG_3924_zps0655f984.jpg  photo IMG_3944_zps3ba85f1c.jpg  photo IMG_3942_zps93d39bbb.jpg  photo IMG_3934_zpse7ae645a.jpg  photo IMG_3931_zps5a9967bd.jpg  photo IMG_3909_zps3f35c4be.jpg  photo IMG_3981_zpsa5ae5da5.jpg
 photo collagehhio_zps5877b56c.jpg
High five if you noticed the funny photobomb in the top right photo... Safe to say we had a giggle when we noticed it!


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