Sunday, 16 June 2013

Baking for Fathers Day.

Fathers Day is upon us once again and this year, I was truly stumped with what to get my Dad. I settled on making him some tasty (hopefully) goodies which is always a winner in my household - food is the way to our hearts, especially my Dad's. We are all foodies, we just love to sit around the dinner table at the end of the day and chat over some yummy food.

I decided to make two of my Dad's favourite treats, Brownies and Cheesey scones. It's always a bit of a challenge, baking for my family - 3 of us our gluten free so it's usually either a complete disaster or a 'okay, I'll change *this* next time' type of situation. Gluten free baking is all about trial and error. Though, after 8 years of adapting recipes and learning some sneaky tricks, I seem to have a pretty good handle on the whole shebang.
 photo IMG_2655_zps9886b774.jpg
The recipe which I ended up changing entirely... Oops.
 photo IMG_2656_zps2627ac69.jpg
 photo IMG_2638_zps5c699eec.jpg
The weather in the UK is so miserable right now! I thought it was meant to be Summer!?
 photo IMG_2643_zps9ec1063f.jpg photo IMG_2658_zps7b5e8cb7.jpg
 photo IMG_2682_zps888a053b.jpg
The curse of gluten free baking - most things turn to crumbs! 
I am so lucky to have such a wonderful Dad, after we almost lost him a few years ago, I really cherish those little chats we have about music or those giggles about my Mum's quirky habits. Having him here and well means so much to me and I love spoiling him, on Fathers Day especially.  I hope you're all having a lovely Fathers Day or just a really relaxing Sunday! If anyone is interested in my gluten free brownie recipe then I will most certainly do a post on it.

What are your plans for today?

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  1. They look delicious, really tasty. I will have to give them a go at the weekend! I made some super healthy gluten free brownies and they turned out really super tasty. Here is the link to the recipe :)


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