Monday, 6 June 2011

Jewellery i'm loving right now...

Okay, i'm a jewellery lover. I love rings and dangly earrings especially.

One of my favourite jewellery shops is

The owner of the shop, Kate has a youtube channel. She has the cutest style and her jewellery is just divine!

This cute bracelet is only £6.00! It'll look nice layered up with more bracelets. :)

This ring is super sweet and unique, it'd look good with a band tee, some denim distressed shorts and biker boots. It's also £.6.00, bargain!

Cross rings are bang on trend right now and I really love them. They're so funky and at only £6.00 a pop they aren't badly priced either!

Lastly from Dolly Bow Bow, there is this feather ring. I'm really loving feather designs at the moment :) This ring is £5.00!

Another one of my favourite jewellery shops is

Talullah Tu sells very well made, beautiful jewellery. Tanya Burr A.K.A pixi2woo has a collection with Talullah Tu and the jewellery is simply stunning.

These earrings are soooo gorgeous! Words cannot describe how lovely they are. At £24.00, they're not cheap but they aren't exceedingly expensive and really, who cares. They're beautiful!

This bracelet is very pretty, would look lovely with anything! It's £25.00 :)

Next is a adorable ring from another online shop,

This cute little octopus ring is another bargain at just £6.00!

Lastly for a shop on the high street instead of an online store! 

I love snake designs on rings at the moment, they're gorgeous and this ring is not exception. At £12.99 it comes in the middle of the price range.


As you can see from the jewellery, I'm really loving antiqued gold or bronzey pieces for summer. I hope you liked this post, thank you for reading :)

Jess xx


  1. i love verything that you have picked x

  2. Love your picks, especially the cross ring,i want!!

    Sadie x

  3. Hey I love all those rings, especially the snake one, so pretty!


  4. I found exact replicas of those Giftgirls rings on eBay, for a 1/4 of the price, seriously, identical!! Try eBay if you like something on there haha. & also the same with dollybowbow.

  5. love all of these choices especially the second, third and last ;)

  6. Thanks for the follow hun =)

    I love the top bracelet! I would like it even more if it was in brown or a neutral shade would look great layered with the pandora wrap bracelets especially =)

    Katie x


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