Saturday, 11 June 2011

Free benefit products with Glamour magazine!

 Glamour magazine are giving away a selection of three sample size benefit products with every magazine this month! Each mag either contains bene tint, posie tint or high beam. I went on a mission to find any that were left, I managed to grab one of each. The packaging's a little damaged but that didn't bother me! As you can see, each mag is worth £2, I don't think that's bad for a magazine with a high end sample size beauty product included! The only downside, to get all three you have to buy the same magazine three times. But oh well, I'm sure mums, sisters or friends wouldn't mind a free magazine!

Highbeam luminescent complexion enhancer
Full size price - £18.50

Benetint rose tinted lip and cheek stain
Full size price - £24.50

Posietint poppy pink tinter lip and cheek stain
Full size price - £24.50

In this photo I have mixed posietint and benetint for my lip colour, I used posietint on my cheeks and I used highbeam to highlight my cheek bones :)

So go and check your newsagents to see if theres any left!

Thank you for reading!

Jess xx


  1. Definately going to check this out!


    visit us?

  2. you look lovely in these pictures. I definatley want one of these have to go and see if I can get a copy! X

  3. You're so pretty and incredibly talented with makeup. I couldn't resist following you. Thank you for posting about this mag, I will look out for it.

    I wish you all the luck in the world with your blog (although I am sure you don't need it).

    All the best,

  4. You're really gorgeous! Love how you've demonstrated these products :) I picked up all three too! I love Benefit <3

  5. So glad you posted this! I went out and brought glamour to get my sample :) xo

  6. I love your blog!!! Please check out mine the link is . Please follow if you like!!!! Thanks so much!!!

  7. This is gorgeous.
    I cant believe I didnt spot this the other day! I was too distracted looking at the picture of her thinking how overly photoshopped it was haha!

  8. Oh my! You're just in sixth form and you wear your make up like a makeup artist! I wish I had started earlier and not at the age of 24! I am starting to play with my make up and definitely need more tips from someone like you. Love your make up and spirits! Definitely following your blog. Have a look at mine and follow if you like! xx

  9. your so pretty!, i love the way you mixed the two for your lipgloss (: xx

  10. I did this when glamour came with sample sized clinique products a few months ago, I felt silly at the time but I’m glad it’s not only me that does it! Great post by the way x


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