Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Estée Lauder DayWear Plus

This product is beautiful. I'd been planning to buy this product for the past 6 months and never got round to it, but when I was sauntering around my nearest CCO last week I saw that they were selling two bottles of DayWear Plus for £34ish! I was so amazed at the price that I had to get it. The usual price for DayWear Plus is around £24 I think (not sure, don't hold me too it!).

The packaging is gorgeous, sturdy but still sophisticated. It will look gorgeous in your makeup bag.

The product comes out a light  blue/grey colour, first thoughts are "OMG, I don't wanna be that colour". As you start to rub the product into your skin you'll feel tiny particles, don't worry you haven't picked up your exfloliator by accident. The particles dissolve quickly and the original blue/grey colour is no where to be seen, left behind is a slightly tanned, better version of your skin. 
I tried taking a 'after' photo but my camera really didn't do it justice!

What Estée Lauder says:
This "tint-release" moisturizing lotion enhances skin with a sheer tint that appears as you apply.
Plus, like all DayWear Plus formulas it actively shields skin to help prevent lines
before they appear—so your skin looks smoother and healthier, longer.
Smooth on this lightweight lotion and it transforms before your eyes into a sheer tint.
  • Evens, illuminates and gives skin a fresh new glow.
  • One sheer shade works for virtually every skintone.
Well I totally agree with them, It does even out your skin perfectly. You can apply foundation over the top, DayWear Plus acts as a good primer, I can wear my foundation all day without any caking or moving. Another good point is that it smells nice too, the scent of cucumber is very refreshing. 
The only flaw I can with this product is if you are very pale (paler than NW15) then this product may look slightly orange on you, also it may look dirty on NC's because it is a warm toned product.
Overall, I really love this product and it's quickly becoming one of my HG's.

Jess xx


  1. I should definitely try this product !

  2. i've used this before, it's fab <3 you've started your blog really well, i look forward to future posts! if you have a spare moment, please check mine out and leave a comment/follow? i'd love some constructive criticism or just a hello :)


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