Friday, 5 July 2013

Pin Picks

I am the queen of procrastination. I feel bad about it but what can you do? Getting tasks done can be difficult when there are so many interesting things on the internet that I can find to get distracted with. Some call it a bad habit, I think it's a talent - well that's what I tell myself at least. Pinterest is my ultimate vice, I could get sucked up in the world of pinning for hours; I've even passed the pin-passion onto a fair few family members, oops. What better way to excuse my addiction than to make my wasted hours actually useful? Here are a few of my more recent pin picks...

 photo PinPicks_zpsdba89fa6.jpg
01. I love this simple, stylish outfit. It could be worn pretty much all year round with a few alterations. I tend to gravitate towards timeless, simple outfits - I find them much easier to wear. Maybe I'm just boring! It looks seriously comfortable too...

02. Beach worthy hair, I wish I could manage this with mine! I have spent god knows how much money on countless products trying to achieve this effortless, tousled style. My hair is as straight, flat and thin as it comes. Such a nightmare. 

03. Such a humbling and inspiring quote, love this. Not much more to say on this really, it's just so true.

04. This made me chuckle, Mean Girls jokes never get old.

05. Rather tasty looking stuffed peppers - yum! As I said in my '19 things before I'm 19' post, I'm trying to get super healthy and this seems like a reasonably clean recipe - perfect.

06. How cute is this snug reading nook/window seat?! When (hah!) I win the lottery and build my dream house, I will include so many of these little hideaways. 

07. Elegant office space, love the flowers and the brick! I'm such a sucker for beautifully designed and perfectly organised desk areas.

08. A makeup look - smoky liner by the talented Tiffany D. I really love eyeliner like this, it's like a sexy and slightly smouldering everyday eye. Makeup like this can very easily be adapted for nighttime - a red lip and some subtle contouring, gorgeous!

Who else is a pinaholic? Hands up! I'm thinking of holding a support group...

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PS- I'm currently on holiday in Italy at the moment but I'll be back soon with some Italian themed posts (pretty much just picture after picture of ice cream probably, just a warning!).

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  1. i love the beach waves wish my hair was like this to x


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