Friday, 22 March 2013

19 things before I'm 19.

I need a challenge - and this is it. Everything in my life has changed lately, I've left sixth form, I've got a new job and we're currently looking at moving house. It's all a bit manic. I really want this year to be a good year, I want to accomplish things and keep motivated. I've written myself a list of 19 different things I want to achieve before I'm 19 to help me so, in no particular order...

- I want to get more confidence when it comes to driving. I passed my test in October and have hardly driven since, not sure why, but now I've lost all my confidence and want to get it back.

- I want to be a more dedicated blogger. I've dabbled in it with various blogs for the past 2 years but this year, I really want to stick at it. I love doing it, I love the community and now I have a lot more time so... Stay tuned!

- I really hope to get my makeup career in motion, I've missed the application dates for this year but I want to build a portfolio with the time I have so hopefully I'll get accepted.

- I WILL run the Race For Life.

- READ READ READ. I love reading and this year I plan to do lots of it. 
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- I want to start making Youtube videos that can run alongside my blog posts. 

- I'm going to join the bone marrow donor scheme in honor of Alice Pyne.

- I want to learn basic Italian. I'm going to Lake Garda in July and want to know some of the lingo!

- I really want to go to Harrods - I've never been! 

- I'm going to study Classics in my spare time, I left my classics course at sixth form (the only course I truly loved).

- I want to really enjoy summer (if we have one). I usually hate summer, it's weird, I know. I just can't bare being overly warm or just doing anything in the heat. I get really moody. 

- I want to be a better 'doggy mummy'. I love my dog to pieces but I feel like since I've been too busy to live for the past year, we've lost our bond. I want to get it back. Yes, I am a crazy dog lady.
- I want to figure out my style. I love clothing and fashion but I've never really been sure of my own style, I don't know what suits me - I want to find out.

- I would really like to have body happiness - I don't mean 'skinny' or anything like size related. I just want to feel healthy. My body has had a super tough 5 years and I want it to be reliable now, not faulty. 

- I want get fit, I want to be able to workout regularly without my body crapping out. 

- I want to make the most of being 18 and go out more. I'm such a home girl. I love nothing more then cooking dinner for my family and watching movies, snuggled on the sofa. I want to be a bit more proactive on the socialising front.

Some snaps of my recent outings...
- In late October, my boyfriend and I will be celebrating our 4 year anniversary and I would LOVE to go to Paris for a few days to celebrate. Spending ban starts now! (See below).

- Money is coming in more frequently now as I have a steady job and I could so easily just spend every penny I get. But that's a bit self indulgent so, I need to be a bit better with money management and saving this year.

- One of my favourite things to do with James (the boyf) is to watch movies and go to the cinema so I plan to do more of what I love this year. 

Whew! That's an awfully long list, but I'm so motivated to tackle it. I'll keep you posted.


  1. you've got a good little list going on there x

  2. Good luck with everything, you have a great list! Have fun in Italy

    A little bit Unique - Blog // Facebook // Bloglovin


    1. Thank you very much, it's going quite well actually :) xx

  3. Love this Blog post Jess! I love reading your posts! Very inspirational. :) xxx

    1. Thank you hun! Hope you're okay :) xx

  4. Great blog!!

    When you get a chance, stop over at my blog, I'm holding a giveaway for a Naked 2 palette!

  5. Love this list Jess!! I think I should consider making a list such as this... its easy to lose motivation sometimes :( I've been running for some time now so if you need any running related help let me know!! :) xoxo Chloe

    1. Thank you hun :)I know what you mean, life can just slip past without you realising sometimes. And ooh thank you! I'm such a novice, it's embarrassing! xx


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