Thursday, 2 February 2012

Get to know me...

I though I'd do the 'get to know me' tag as I'm procrastinating away from my coursework so I thought I'd make it worth while!

Vital Stats
Name: Jessica.
Nicknames: Jess.
Birthday: 21st November 1994.
Place of Birth: Reading, UK.
Zodiac sign: Scorpio.

Hair colour: Dark blonde/light brown.
Hair length: Just above the boobs!
Eye colour: Green.
Best feature: My boyfriend is screaming 'your munchkin impression' but to be honest, its probably something much more boring like my eyes maybe?
Braces: Nope.
Piercings: Ear lobes, wanting my helix done though!
Tattoos: None.
Righty or Lefty: Righty.

Best friend: A girl called Charlotte from my primary school.
Award: Probably some kind of dance award, wish I still danced!
Sport: Dancing or Rugby - aha, what a mix!
Real holiday: Centre Parcs, Longleat.
Concert: Summer XS.

Film: I LOVE films, anything from Stardust, to the Lord of the Rings, to the Clash of the Titans.
TV Show: The Big Bang Theory.
Colour: Plum.
Song: I don't have one favourite song, I have an entire list.
Restaurant: Cafe Rouge or anywhere that sells a decent Caesar salad!
Store: Topshop or Urban Outfitters!
Book: SO many, I love the Percy Jackson series, the Harry Potter series, the Twilight saga (yes, I know), the Host, just loads really. I'm a sucker for a easy going, fantasy book. Can't be doing with really depressing, real life books!
Magazine: Look, Elle or Vogue.
Shoes: My pillow shoes from IKEA... Don't go there!
Feeling: Sleepy.
Single or Taken: Taken :)
Eating: Stir fry, nom.
Listening to: A bit of Genesis, Turn It On Again!
Thinking about: Having a cuddle with the boyf!
Wearing: Teal Topshop jumper and black flock floral jeans from Topshop.

Want children: Yes, one day. :)
Want to be married: Yes, definitely! :)
Careers in mind: Makeup artist... Muhahaha.
Where do you want to live: I want to build my own house in the countryside, hopefully in Berkshire still!

Do you believe in
God: I believe in some of the morals and teachings and I believe there is a greater 'something' I'm just not sure what that 'something' is.
Miracles: To me, someone recovering from a serious, maybe even a terminal illness, is a miracle.
Love at first sight: I believe that you can fall in love with someones appearance at first sight but I think that you need to know somebody before you can love them!
Ghosts: Maybe, weird things have happened to my friends and family. I don't rule anything out.
Aliens: I think it'd be very arrogant and ignorant of us to think that we are the pinnacle of evolution in the universe. There has to be some other life out there somewhere!
Soulmates: Yes, absolutely.
Heaven: I hope so.
Hell: I hope so, otherwise heaven's worthless.
Kissing on the first date: Maybe, depends if there are feelings there!
Yourself: Sometimes.
If you managed to reach the end of this long post then bravo! More posts to come in the next few days, one probably very long one about IMATS!
Thanks for reading :)
Jess xx


  1. Great post! I love getting to know the blogger behind the blog. I might steal this post myself, if you don't mind!


  2. Go for it! I'd love to read yours! xx

  3. you and your boyfriend complement each other VERY well:)

  4. Love the pics you have at the bottom of your blog, you're so pretty!

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